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Community Portable Skills Development.

Portable skills refer to a skill or competency that can be transferred from one work context to another. The issue of skills portability is highly relevant for economic and social development of communities where the mine operates. Community members need to have relevant and verifiable skills in order to gain access to procurement and employment opportunities and to adjust to changing consumer and labour markets.

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The Economics of SMEs.

SMMEs are a gateway through which members of the society participate in the economic activities and opportunities available in our country. SMMEs encompass a very broad range of firms, from established traditional family businesses employing over a hundred people (medium-sized enterprises), down to the survivalist self-employed from the poorest layers of the population (informal micro-enterprises). While the upper end of the range is comparable to the SME population of developed countries, statistics reveal that an immense majority of SMMEs are concentrated on the very lowest end. These are primarily black survivalist enterprises, which is where all the participants of this project will be drawn from.

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Our management and staff bring years of experience and expertise to the project. We have a solid resources base with qualified personnel including facilitators, mentors, assessors and moderators.

We are currently accredited with the following full qualifications through the Energy and Water SETA and our learning materials are approved and fully aligned to SAQA Unit Standards:

58951 – National Certificate: Water and Wastewater Treatment Process Operation
60169 - National Certificate: Water and Waste Reticulation services
60189 – Further Education & Training Certificate: Water and Waste Reticulation services
60190 - National Certificate: Water and Waste Process Control
67435 - National Certificate: Electrical Engineering: Renewable Energy

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